Regional Vic heading OUT OF LOCK DOWN 2.0

So today we received news that Regional Victoria is moving to Step 3 on the road map of restrictions - is that right? Is it Step 3? It was stages, now steps (I think) oh FFS too much has happened since March, my brain is fried. So anyway, it means we have some freedom compared to the last six weeks.

Some of those changes include:

Weddings can have 10 (including the couple and me).

Funerals are at 20.

Social bubbles have been created, I think this as up to 5 people from one other house hold permitted at your home? (Probably got that wrong)

Beauty salons and retail can open - on the proviso they wear masks for duration of servicing (lol that sounds cheeky)

Pubs and restaurants can do their thing outside (maybe inside to some extent too) with strict guidelines.

And we are a little more free to move around and meet in public spaces etc. With was it 10 people?

Anyway, I am sure ya’ll are completely over all of this shiz if it applies to you.

Oh, and playgrounds got flooded yesterday. I don’t know who was more excited about that one, the kids or the parents. And I get it, it’s been a long time. Bowie hadn’t even be in between lock down one and two - so he was keen as a bean. I was hesitant, because really - a whole heap of strangers (and to make matters worse kids) touching the same shit, sharing and spreading germs, not only the possibility of spreading the dreaded c word, but colds and everything else yukky. Kids aren’t the best with hygiene and none of us know where the other human has been, who they have been in contact with and how hygienic they are. So unless you’re carrying around wipes and wiping shit down before your kid touches it - it’s still a bit risky. I am way more germ scared now. But anyway - it was fun - masks on, sanitiser in hand and the kids had a little play early morning before the flurry of people.

10 minutes was more than enough for me to handle on day one.

So, whilst this is all new and exciting and the weather is warming up, which is making it EVEN BETTER, we still need to remember, (well I think it is important) to think about our fellow Melburnians who are still locked down.

It feels like being let out of school or a boring seminar at the end of the day and some people are ready to PARTY!! But please try and remember that there are still people, (most likely friends and family of yours) who aren’t in the same boat.

They don’t have the same freedom as we do. It’s been tougher on them, than any of us. So whilst this is good and a step in the right direction, just be mindful of them and try not to rub it in any ones faces. Sure, be happy and do those things that we are allowed that you have perhaps been craving - but just keep them in your mind. They are still struggling and still missing out on important contact and interaction. Especially the vulnerable, our kiddies and people who are isolated and on their own.

ALSO - don’t be a dick, do the right thing. Follow the rules and guidelines set out for us.

I know not all of us agree on what has happened, how our state has been led and what not - and I am NOT welcoming a debate - I am tired of it this week.

The bottom line is - WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! And if we aren’t- than FFS, we are going to be right back here again, if not worse off. And I am not sure how we will all handle locked 3.0. So, let’s stick together and just be on the same side like we were (generally speaking) were pre this.

Wear a mask.

Wash your hands.

Keep your distance.

Stay safe and let’s try and see the back of this shitshow that has been 2020 for now. Cause FYI ** My birthday is coming up (October 3rd for those who care to know) and I want to be able to see some people I love. It’s been sooooo freaking long between some very special cuddles. We haven’t seen my brother’s family who are in NSW since last year, I haven’t seen my best friend in the flesh since October (she’s currently in stage four) and my husband’s parents are missing out on being part of our pregnancy journey, we haven’t seen them since May.

PS - For those asking, I need clothes (mine don’t fit) new shoes and some personal care vouchers for beauty things etc wouldn’t go a stray - but let’s be honest nothing will be knocked back.

Except if you bought me alcohol, cause I can’t drink that right now! That’s sort of present is for when the Bub has arrived, and for then - I LOVE CC and dry, PIMS, Cosmos and Pepper Jack Shiraz - thank you very much.

*Side note* When I had Bowie my beautiful and very creative husband bought me in this huge grog hamper (to the hospital) with cider, home-made Baileys and red skin vodka, and a little shot funnel as well. And two of my other friends came with alcohol in hand, one with ciders and the other with home made baileys. (I swear I don’t have a drinking problem). But it was very welcomed! And something different to the typical flowers you get LOL

Anyway, I am joking about the presents, but seriously - Stay safe, take care and thanks again for reading.

I know this is usually a Monday thing, but yesterday was NOT a good day. And I didn’t have anything in my head that I thought was worth sharing that wasn’t a little dark. So today, lucky you, you got this to read! Not much of anything, but it’s still better out of my head and it feels good to have something to keep me entertained for a little while.


K x

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