(DAILY in my case)

For some it’s walking, some running, some reading - but for me. It’s having a shower!

I have always been a shower over bath person. Maybe it is because we didn’t have a bath when I was growing up. Our 100+ year old farm house didn’t afford us that luxury. Heck, we didn’t even have a toilet inside our house! Yes, I was that kid who had an outside toilet. Consequently, I didn’t have friends lining up to have sleepovers at my house. No one liked the outside toilet, in fact most feared it! Well none of us humans liked it. The dog and pet Cocky however, loved it! It was a chance for them to come and visit with whomever was visiting the lavatory and either have a ball thrown or a quick little chat (in the Cocky’s case) his famous words - “Whatcha doing?”

Side tracked, sorry! (Back to it)

Every so often, I would walk over to my Grandparents house and have a little soak for something different. But I actually then found, and still do find baths a little boring. Yes, I get it, it is nice to lay back and relax in the beautifully still warm water, close your eyes and drift. But, that warm water soon turns cold and I have never been a pro at being able to lay back comfortably and fully relax in a bath. There is nothing to stimulate my senses. I get bored very easily.

The shower however, I can control the heat and the water constantly trickling down - seems to do it for me (not in that way) but you get what I mean.

I have always loved having a shower, but I also used to be that girl that no man believed existed. I was the girl who would get in, have a super quick wash and get on out of there. I didn’t see the need to stand around for ages wasting water and wasting time. I was a busy person!

These days, (well maybe for the last 4 or so years) I actually plan my shower time. I plan it because it is my Great Escape! A chance for me to shut off and relax. To have some alone time and be still with my thoughts. No, “Mum can I have this?” “Mum, I’m hungry” or “Mum can you fix etc etc”.

It’s is my Me Time.

But… (I have to share this, because I want to know if anyone else is like me)

I like to sit down in the shower. Yep, turn it on, get the temp just right, and then get down on the floor. (Although, I HATE getting my hair wet, curly girl problems). So, easy fixed; I pull the shower head down (I can imagine all men and plumbers cringing at this point) Yep, that’s right, I pull the shower head and arm down and face it away from me so that I can sit down and it doesn’t wet my head or my face.

Before I know it, 5, 10 and sometimes 20 minutes have passed (Sorry husband about the massive monthly water bill)

But I just get lost in there. My mind just does its magic at this point. I can think clearly - or better yet - I am that relaxed that whatever has been bugging me that day or getting me down just seems to vanish and I am ZEN! Shower time - AKA sacred Kellie time.


*Anyone else out there like me and love a long hot shower?

*Anyone else a sit down shower person?

*Anyone else’s husband or plumber want to slap you on the butt for loosening the shower arm / head?

I know of one other person who used to do it - not mentioning any names Bel Gathercole (lucky your hubby’s a plumber hey!)

*If not the escape for a shower or bath, what’s your escape? Where’s your place to just be?

Thanks for reading

K x

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