"Somedays you gotta Dance"

Some days I just struggle. I don’t even know what’s going on or what the nuts got me into this little lull.

And then, I unlock my phone, open Spotify, turn on some music on and dance my buns off in the kitchen.

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC KELLIE, I hear you eagerly asking?

For me it’s Country music. Not current country music, because if I’m honest I haven’t really listened to it for a red hot minute. But it’s 70’s-2000’s. I’m talking Slim, Dolly, Randy Travis, Johnny & June, Kenny Rogers, George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, SHe DAISY, Tim & Faith, early Dixie chicks, teenage Taylor Swift, Rascall Flatts, Mc Clymonts, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Reba, Deana Carter, Gary Allan (oh man this dudes voice just melts me. I was lucky enough to see him when he came out to Aus - CMC Rocks the Snowys!!) Miranda Lambert, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisely, Kasey Chambers, Lady Antebellum, Shania and who could forget the beautiful Keith Urban! I could go on and on, even thinking about all of these legends. And there’s plenty more I’ve forgotten, but we don’t have all day. Well I do, cause I don’t have a job right now. But you’re probably busy.

Back to it, Believe it or not (but do) during my childhood, my teens and my 20’s I was a massive country fan. It was really only when I hit my 30’s that I stopped listening to it.

And it’s days like this that make me question - ‘Why the fuck did I do that’? Cause it really is what I love. It touches my soul and makes me happy. Even if I don’t know a song, it still manages to move me. To me, country songs (good ones) are stories - yes they may be about a girl, a truck, a dog, a car or heartbreak / but they tell a story!

I get it, country music isn’t for everyone. In fact, I probably stopped listening to it because my husband doesn’t ‘love it’ nor do my husbands older kids (I don’t call the boys my step kids, cause I didn’t have a hand in raising them and they’re adults now.) Anyway, Dan and the boys don’t really dig the country vibe and they used to hang it on me a little about being a bit of a red neck.

Something which I was once proud of!

Picture this - I used to be proud to wear my Ariats (kids size, cause I’m teeny). I used to rock the flannies, I would listen to country music everywhere I went. Hell I even own two acubras!

My annual holiday was Deni Ute Muster (I would hang out for it like a kid waiting for Christmas to come). I even owned a VS ute myself at one point in time and drive that bad boy all the way to Deni. (Pictured below)

I had a pink Burke and Wills swag - yep I was that hick - and goodness gracious - I was bloody proud of it!

My nickname in year 10 from a wonderful friend was ‘Dixie’ back in those day’s I was a bit of a Lone Ranger in the country music scene. But I owned it! Did I mention that I bloody loved the shit out of a Bundy? mmmmmm

It all stems back to my childhood. My Pa was a country music singer / song writer and a bloody good one at that. Country was in my Veins. From both sides of my family really. My older brother never really got the memo though. He was a Guns and Roses, Cyprus, Green Day, RHCP sort of fella.

But country was everything to me.

So I guess it should be much of a surprise that when I need it, that’s my go to!

For the most part of lockdown 2.0 - at night time when my resilience is at its lowest, you’ll find me in my kitchen - UE Boom turned on, Spotify open and country streaming through my ears. I get lost in it and forget that I’m probably singing way too loud and ignoring everything else that I should be tending to (like dinner and Bowie).

But it’s my happy place. Yes, country music is my happy place.

What music does it for you?

Are you a country fan like me?

Did you read through that list of names above and begin googling so you could listen to some bangers like Red dirt road, Chattahoochie, The Dance, Check yes or no, Strawberry wine, The Gambler, Watching Aeroplanes, Goodbye Earl, Islands in the Stream, Tim McGraw

Alright, I’m off to listen to some more and dance around my kitchen cleaning up after my Hello Fresh cook up.

Go and get your music on! Do it! Even if it's not country, go and put it on and have a sing and a dance for me ;)

Finally, I couldn't leave here and not let you enjoy some photos of me "back in the day" pre red wine drinking days and high heels.

K x

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