So, as the title and above sentence already clearly outline, today was our 20-week scan! Exciting times, right? Well normally it would be, because it would be me, accompanied by my husband and our little Bowie. But this time, during Stage 3 lockdown that wasn’t to be the case. No, I had to go alone (insert sad face)

I had very mixed feelings about today. Excited as all get out, but also a little sad because Dan (husband) couldn’t come with me. I mean, it’s just not my baby. We created this miracle together! (For all of those peeps who don’t know how a baby is made LOL)

But, I get it, I really do – I get the whole safety protocol and I am not meaning to be a sook about it. But it’s still not an easy pill to swallow. You want to share all of these exciting milestones, as they began – together.

I pulled up in the car, did a quick little insta vid cause, well, it’s what you do right? – put my mask on and went on in.

It’s been 8 weeks since I have heard this little babe's heartbeat and I was hanging out for it so bad! But I didn’t get to hear it – I saw it, I saw that little heart beating away, but didn’t get to hear it. DAMN! Why didn’t I ask to hear it? Well to be honest, I didn’t even think to ask. I was so caught up in seeing it beat away on the screen that it wasn’t until later that I realised. And by then, well, I didn’t want to be annoying.

The scan was about 45 mins in and I wasn’t able to call Dan via Facetime until the Sonographer had finished checking out all the bits and pieces and measuring everything up. She needed to get in and get shit done – fair enough lady. I will comply with that.

Up until this point, little Rona (not the babes real name, just a silly pet name) was quite uncooperative. Posterior, upside down and not facing us. Makes me think that this little one is stubborn like its Mumma. Whereas little Bowie, (the show pony) well, he put on a show every time there was an audience. He would be flipping around, and looked like he was laughing and talking to us during his 20-week scan. But this little one was shy and not wanting to come to the party.

Anyway, the lady goes out of the room to show the Dr the scans (I didn’t know this was even a thing), So just a heads up. When they leave to do this, and tell you that they are leaving to do this, it doesn’t mean something is wrong! Apparently, they have to show the Dr.

(I wish someone had of told me that prior, I was packing it!)

So, I ring Dan on facetime, the lady comes back in, lubes me back up (sorry had to say that for LOL effect) and then, the little sweetheart turns it on for Daddy and Bowie.

WOOOOOOOOO – we got a great little profile pic, only one, but – WE GOT IT! (Pic posted below)

The Sonographer lady shows Dan all the important stuff, he enjoys it, Bowie talks the whole way through – about something probably not even related. Then Dan hangs up and we get back to it. There’s lots to do in a 20-week scan – it went forever!

Then we are about to wind it up and the Sonographer (lovely lady, can’t remember her name) asks me if I wouldn’t mind coming back this afternoon as she didn’t get everything she needed and she wanted to try and get some better scans for the Dr. (Again, I start thinking – What does this mean? Is something wrong?)

But she stayed calm and seemed like it was a pretty normal thing. So off I trot, on my merry way.

Got home, told Dan, he seemed a little concerned too. I mean, why would I have to come back? Was there something that needed to be checked into, something that needed to be discussed with the Dr at length when I am not around? (Why didn't I ask the question again? Oh man, who knows. I was rattled and tired and bloody hungry!) I got home, went about my business (making lunches). Then I got a well timed message from my trusty Ambo magnificent-creature-of-a-friend (Kass). She was checking in to see how I went.

(Told you she was beautiful!)

Anyway, I told her the story, and she got in touch with one of her friends (who is in the industry and has been for a long time). This lovely friend of hers quickly reassured me that this was completely normal. It probably just meant the babe wasn’t giving us what we needed and it was protocol in this situation.


3pm comes back around, I am back at the Hospital ready to head in. So naturally, what time is it? That’s right folks, it’s insta video update time! Once that’s done, I head on in and get on the bed, we get back into it. Within 5 minutes we are done! She has got what she needed – but before we wind up and I wipe off the lube (LOL sorry, not sorry) she casually mentions to me that bub's head is quite small, like in 10th percentile? Now I HATE this talk, because I just don’t get it.

Please tell me I am not the only one? Like I get the concept, but when the Drs / Nurses / Midwifes and Maternal Child Health Nurses speak to me in this language, I feel my face immediately glaze over and I shut off.

But this time, YES, I asked a question! (Good brave Kellie) Ok, "So is this normal?" I asked her? “Yes, well your baby is quite small, so all should be fine. But best to check with your Dr and you may need to have another scan in a few weeks just to check on progress etc”.


I know, I know I shouldn’t be worried. Everything else is fine, all measurements and everything else looked good and the lady seemed happy. But, am I the only one that immediately starts thinking that shit could be wrong?

A quick text through to trusty wifey ambo friend Kass again, and she (again), reassures me that all will be fine.

So now, here I am writing away, sharing my life and all its happenings. Why am I sharing all of this? Well, honestly, I just thought there may be some Mummas out there who have been through similar, or who are yet to come up to their 12- and 20-week scans who might like some insight before going into it.

Plus, what else have I got to do right now? NOTHING folks, NOTHING!

So, for now; it is wait and see. Time to get back to enjoying the little movements I am feeling and hang out for my next Obstetrician / Mid wife appointment, so I can hear that stunning sound that is my babe’s little heartbeat.

To all the baby Mummas who are expecting or have delivered during this dreaded C word time, I feel you. I mean, it’s tough without the added stress of having to face these appointments on your own. So, from me to you - You’re doing great and hopefully, if people start wearing their god damn face masks over their noses, and keeping their bloody well distance (1.5 METRES PEOPLE!) we might get back to some sort of norm when we can share these precious moments, with our lover or special people.

Stay safe humans – Peace!

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