It’s top 12 because I started out with 10 and couldn’t end there. So pulled myself up at 12, just to be random.

During lockdown we find ourselves watching a little more TV than normal, well I do anyway. It’s usually at night time when Bowie has been sent off to bed and I am ready to unwind from my long day of usually doing not much, other than a little bit of exercise and a lot of cleaning. These are the highlights of my life right now - PARTY TIME!

It’s usually about 8-8:30 depending on if The Bachelor is on (Yes I am addicted and not ashamed to admit it)

Anyway, I grab something to drink - usually water, Coke Zero or a hot choc. I always ensure I have something to snack on - lately it’s been peanut butter ice cream, dairy milk, hazelnut, or Caramilk choc or our personal compound favourite CHEEZELS! I then Grab my trusty Costco blanket I bought 8 years ago and snuggle up on either the couch or floor.

Usually I am a total crime buff and will watch anything True Crime / Serial killer related, but I have found myself watching all sorts of different stuff this year.

Perhaps it because there isn’t much else I can due to:

  1. Being locked up

  2. Currently pregnant, so can’t just sit around and drink AND…

  3. It’s bloody cold and I’ll take any excuse to snuggle up on the couch

So what have been my favourite binge worthy shows to watch on Netflix you ask? Ok, ok you didn’t ask, but I am going to tell you anyway.

NOTE: These aren’t ranked in order. They are just listed as they came to me.

  1. Black Mirror

  2. The OA

  3. Dirty John - The Betty Broderick story

  4. Sex Education

  5. Tiger King

  6. When they see us

  7. Stranger things

  8. The Umbrella Academy (although I am not loving season two as much as season one)

  9. Dirty John

  10. Suits

  11. How to get away with Murder

  12. The Get Down

So do yourself a favour. Grab a drink warm or cold, whatever you please. (But if it’s a cold alcoholic drink, have a swig for me)

Grab some snacks

Grab a blanket or pillow

Get comfy and get ready to binge watch the shite out of these series.

These are just my top 12 of late, and I am quickly running out of things to watch because my binge sessions can last anywhere between two-five hours!

If you have any must see series that you can recommend - drop it in the comments below. Because let’s face it, Netflix shows me a lot of shows and some of them are just rubbish!

Or, if you have watched any of the above and wanna have a chat about how bloody good they are - again, drop a comment.

The below pic is me snuggling up with Bowie on the couch. But there's no way we would have been watching something of my choice. Especially considering how still and engrossed he is in whatever is on the TV

K x

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