It's like an Easter egg hunt - except for the fact that it's not Easter, and I know where to look for the sugar hit.

Does anyone else have a secret stash of treats scattered throughout your house and or car that only you know about? Ok, ok - let’s be real. Does anyone else have multiple secret stashes of treats? Surely it’s not just me. SURELY?

I love it when my husband offers to do the grocery shopping, especially when it’s shitty weather, I am having one of my stay the heck away from Kellie days or I just CBF’d. But I must admit, especially during these times (iso) it is nice to have a little outing. And… The most important thing, if he does the groceries, then I can’t sneak anything “extra” into the shopping without anyone else knowing that it’s hidden somewhere within our compound.

I’m almost 36 and still a little sneaky ;)

But I love secret treats. Waiting until everyone is occupied and I have a little chance to scoff down some chocolate, a biscuit, some chips or some popcorn! Admittedly, I do feel guilty and sometimes I do share (but other times, like right now) I don’t and I haven’t.

I went to the supermarket before and bought an extra little block of Aero mint bubbly - now I sit here at my computer (which is currently in the lounge room) next to Bowie, who has his own snacks. Mean while, I have 4 pieces of chocolate hidden in a container. I am sneakily having little bites here and there until it’s gone. And today I don’t feel guilty. Today I deserve this little hidden treasure.

And my car, if you ever get in my car and open the passenger console, there is usually some chocolate in there. But I guess I have less guilt attached to that because those snacks are usually for after I have conducted a funeral or hitched some folks and not been able to stick around and eat something from the delicious grazing table that has been staring me in the face. And for those occasions I am 9 times out of 10 on my lonesome anyway, so I am not sneaking the treats.

So, is it just me? Or do you too have secret little stashes hidden throughout your home or car?

If you do? What’s your poison? And where are your best hiding spots?

Better yet, do you ever forget where you have hidden something, only to be pleasantly surprised when you stumble across it?

K x

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