Mum must be so proud ;)

So it turns out I do like housework! In fact, at the moment it is another one of handful of things that is keeping me sane during lockdown.

Like most kids and I’m sure teenage girls, I was not one for a clean room or tidying up after myself. In fact I am sure my Mum threatened to throw out most of my things on a daily basis because my room was like someone had intentionally run in there, grabbed everything possible and thrown it onto the floor, on the bed and stuffed it under the bed if there was no floor space left. Hurricane Kellie! Like, DAILY! I had more things in my room, than there was room for my things! (if that makes sense?)

Then when I finally moved out of home, that’s when (probably like most) my house pride started. I began to realise that it was actually easier to keep your house clean. Easier to pick up after yourself and clean as you go.

I also realised less was more, and it was much more pleasant to sit down and relax in a space that was clean. But I think as I have got older, my cleanliness has begun to escalate, especially these days.

Each morning I get out of bed and first thing I do is make my bed. I then come out to the kitchen and make breakfast, then clean up after brekky. I put the dishes in the dishwasher and dish rack away (unless Hubby has beaten me to it. And this depends on how much of a sleep in I have been graced with).

I then usually get the stick vacuum out and whip around the house, cleaning up the dog hair from my old dog Ollie - she’s a beagle and she sleeps inside (FYI Beagles malt - LOTS - so maybe think about that one for a second.) But let’s face it, as if a quick vac of the house isn’t satisfying. I love having clean floors. I’ll tell you what isn’t so satisfying though, when I am doing my little whip around with the Dyson - Bowie will lift his feet up from his little table and chairs (doesn’t move out of the way) and when he has his feet raised, he likes to point out all the little crumbs and bits of mess that I have missed. “You missed a bit Mummy, there’s still more over here”. YEP, cause that’s not annoying at all mate! (Wait till you’re tall enough to use it, the vacuuming will become your chore boy)

Back to my exciting tales, by now I have moved into the laundry to see what washing needs to be done and if there isn’t anything, its time to move onto to Bowie’s room and clean up more of his mess. (Did I mention this is still morning? Seriously man, how does one tiny human manage to make so much mess?) If he hasn’t made too much mess and I am desperate for more to do, I head outside to have a look around (permitted it isn’t raining). This sort of nonsense goes on for most of the day if I don’t have anything to do. I am constantly on the look out for things I can pick up, fold, clean, wipe down etc. Sad some might say, but when there isn’t much else to do - it’s gold to find things that can keep me occupied.

And today, well, today was an exciting day. Today I cleaned all of the windows in the house with my Karcher window cleaner / vac. If you do not already have one of these or have not seen this bad boy in action - BOY OH BOY YOU ARE MISSING OUT! This little beauty is incredible. You have a little spray bottle, attached to a cleaning sponge type thing (which you use first.)

So you spray the solution on, use the spongey thing to scrub and then - (this is the best bit) you grab the window cleaner / vac to suck the water up and clean the window. STREAK FREE in SECONDS! It’s like freaking magic!

I am so in love with it and today I went nuts - like, NUTS - and cleaned every piece of glass I could find and it took me about 35 mins for the entire house - even outside windows! We have floor to ceiling windows on the South, West side of our house - so you could imagine how satisfying this was!

I will put the link in below for you to have a look at this unsung lockdown household item.

There is a fancy new model for about $200, but I just have the one below and it's AMAZING!

So, you’d think by this stage I would be bored. But no - I then do another walk around the house picking up after Bowie, putting toys away. I water my plants and keep looking for stuff to put away. I make food, I clean dishes and benches as I go. Like every meal, I clean up. Are you thinking I am Full Crazy by now?

You’d think the fact that I did this stuff daily meant that I had nothing to clean up and my house was as sterile and clean as a Hospital? Well think again, three people locked in a house 24/7 - everything gets messy and there is ALWAYS shit to do!

We then move onto dinner time, make Bowie’s dinner, then clean up. Then relax for about 30 mins (and when I say relax I mean sit down and yell at Bowie to eat his dinner constantly). Then it’s onto second dinner (yes that’s right second dinner). It’s time to make dinner for Dan and I - so that keeps me entertained and excited, because at the moment we are eating Hello Fresh - so I am loving all the new recipes. Make that - then clean up again.

Now my daily tasks are done. I sit down and find something mind numbing to watch on the TV. No more cleaning for today - head off to bed about 10pm - ready to do it all over again tomorrow.


With this warmer weather coming, it looks like I will have lots of stuff to do outside to keep me entertained as well. Goodie, goodie! Mowing lawns, edging (with my new edger), weeding and starting to rebuild the veggie patch that once was (prior to us buying this house).

* What jobs do you love doing around the house?

* What keeps you entertained during the day, if like me you are currently a stay at home Mum with no work, or afforded the luxury of not having to work?

* Do you have any tips for me to make my daily chores a little more entertaining?

* Or by now do you think I am full bonkers because this is the sort of shit I live for at the moment?

K x

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