36 and almost a real life adult!

When did coffee become a ‘thing’ in your life?

For me ‘consistently’ it was this past few weeks.

How old am I? I think I turn 36 in October. Yes, I am saying I think, because when someone asks me how old I am, I usually have to think about it. And being that I’m not very good at Maths - that takes longer than it should.

Anyway, back to coffee. I am naturally quite a hyper person, and the littlest bit of sugar or caffeine and I’m like a kid drinking red cordial. So I just never became a classy teen or grown up when it came to coffee. When someone would meet me during the day for a ‘coffee date’ I would be that person who ordered the hot chocolate. Most of friends would laugh at me or worse, think I was a little NQR because I didn’t drink, nor like coffee or tea. Truth be told, I still don’t like tea. Not even those fancy smelling ones. Sure they smell great, but to me where’s the taste? I think it’s the sweet tooth in me. I’m clearly a sweet tooth because up until this year I was still drinking Moscato! (YUK MAN)

Whereas coffee, I’ve always loved the smell - but never been a fan of the taste.

So I’ve graduated from the hot chocolates to, wait for it.... MOCHAS!

I’m proud of myself. But people still don’t get it.

How can you not like coffee?

How do you even function without coffee?

Well, at the moment I can’t function very well without my little mocha. I seriously have like a thimble of coffee in a milky milo, so the taste is there and I’m getting some caffeine but if I had a full one - I would be getting those heart palpitations you get when you’ve drank waaaaaay too many Red Bull’s!

Anyway else remember when jager bombs became a thing? Oh boy, I spent far too much time feeling like I was going into some state of shock after a big night on those bad boys.

Anyway, how do you like your coffee?

Can you function without it?

Or is that the first thing you MUST have before anyone can even look at you?

Or, like my bestie - are there still some juvenile peeps out there in their mid 30’s like me who haven’t graduated to coffee and the land of adulting?

Do you feel like sinking into your chair when the waiter human comes over to take your order and your surrounded by other adults who adult?

The ones who drink the long black, or double shots?

*DISCLAIMER* Some days it takes me 20 minutes to drink the entire thing. And some days I don't finish the entire thing. But it still counts right?

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